Social Media

Conversations look different today.

Fast-moving thumbs glide across the phone screen, moving data and dialogue from one user to another. Social media has changed the way people engage with content, giving brands an opportunity to join and shape the conversation with current and potential customers.

People already engage with brands on social media. 58 percent follow a brand on social media. That number rises to around 90 percent for those under 55.

Companies, large and small, must take advantage of this opportunity by creating social media plans tied to corporate initiatives and broader content strategies. Through the targeted use of organic and paid social media, companies can:

Social media can be a powerful tool to establish and grow a brand, but it’s also a powerful tool to learn about customers. Through social channels, companies can create a dialogue, giving customers the opportunity to engage and respond to content. This gives real-time feedback on the success of messages and campaigns. This feedback loop can help further define your content strategy and provide guidance for future initiatives.

High Iron understands the importance of creating a strategy to boost engagement and brand affinity through social media.

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