Public Relations

Public relations is about more than just the media.

It is about telling your story to a wide range of audiences. From government relations to grassroots community groups, public relations uses a broad range of tactics to interact with your target audiences.

Typically, public relations is seen solely as dealing with media inquiries and pitching stories. While that is an important part of a public relations strategy, it is only a portion. To fully see the value of public relations, you must take a holistic view of how your brand is viewed. Then you can build a strategy to meet your audience where they are and get your story told.

Historically, public relations leaders have had difficulty proving value to an organization’s leadership, leaving PR professionals to justify their existence during budget cuts or downsizing.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It all comes down to demonstrating a return on investment (ROI). At High Iron, we find value in public relations for our clients by focusing on both proactive and reactive strategies to maximize the impact the public relations team can have on the company’s external image.

Learn more about how High Iron puts ROI into your public relations strategy from an article by our founder on LinkedIn.

Get help putting together a tangible, results-oriented public relations strategy.