History is a big part of High Iron Communications. Located in Atlanta, Ga.—a city founded on the railroad—High Iron takes a page from the region’s rich history and looks to tell authentic stories that impact the world around us.

High Iron is an old railroad slang term that refers to the high-speed line or the main track. Railroad companies put money into the high iron to make sure it operated efficiently because it was the heart of their business.

In today’s world, communication and content are the heart of any marketing strategy. They are the high iron of any business plan.

By getting on the right track, businesses can grow faster and position themselves for success. It just takes a commitment to storytelling and audience building.

High Iron is rooted in history but looks to the future to secure results for its clients.

High Iron is led by Tyler Pearson who brings decades of experience in content marketing, public relations and journalism through both agency and corporate America.

As a self-proclaimed “storytelling geek,” he is excited to work with companies to reach new audiences and expand their reach.

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Talk to us about your goals and we’ll craft a communication strategy to reach them.