Media Relations

The media landscape has changed. There are fewer news outlets with fewer reporters to cover more news. It’s simple math that boils down to one thing—it’s harder to get your story told by large mainstream outlets.

So how do you get coverage?

You have to be creative.

Reporters these days are bombarded by story ideas. With little time to delve through the 500 hundred emails, press releases and pitches they receive a day, your story probably is not getting the attention it deserves.

I delete most releases after about .5 seconds spent on the subject line.

Senior Technology Writer

To get stories told in the media, we must understand the current environment and how to get stories told.

Even with the current challenges, there are opportunities for effective media relations campaigns. High Iron has experience working across local, national and trade publications in numerous industries, as well as creating and activating crisis communication plans. In addition, we get your spokespeople ready for an interview through our customized media training program.

Let us help you find your story and get it told.