Journey to High Iron

Tyler Pearson

Tyler Pearson

Principal/Chief Storyteller

Tyler holds a Masters Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and a Bachelors Degree in History from Furman University.

As a self-proclaimed “storytelling geek,” Tyler enjoys writing and consuming all types of media. He believes in the power of storytelling and has spent his career fine-tuning his writing and storytelling skills.

Tyler began his career as a television news reporter. After a two year stint in Myrtle Beach, S.C., he went to Macon, Ga. to anchor the morning show for one of the most dominant CBS affiliates in the country. At WMAZ, he became a staple of the community and a welcome sight early in the morning. During his news career, he has interviewed presidents and celebrities, as well as having his stories featured on national newscasts.

After deciding to leave the news business (ask him to tell you the story sometime), Tyler moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in communications. He found that his journalistic and writing skills transferred to his new endeavor. He held continuously increasing responsibilities at a not-for-profit, marketing agency, large healthcare organization, and for-profit company.

During his time in the corporate world, Tyler built departments centered on content and storytelling. He created a comprehensive communication strategy for one of the country’s largest healthcare mergers of 2016 and built a content marketing program from scratch at a large publicly-traded company. Tyler’s Lean Six Sigma training gives him a unique view of how content and communication fit within an organization. He has extensive experience in media relations, executive and board communication, internal communication, social media, crisis communication, message development, and content strategy development.

His love of storytelling and experience in the corporate world led Tyler to create High Iron. He has seen many companies struggle to tell their stories. Through High Iron, Tyler crafts communication strategies and builds content to reach targeted goals for clients. It is this singular focus that drives High Iron and sets it apart from other firms.

During his free time, Tyler enjoys spending time with his family and coaching his son’s baseball team. In addition, he made his feature film debut in the Jackie Robinson biopic 42. You can find him as the blurry baseball player standing behind Harrison Ford in the spring training scene.

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